WesternGeco Kicks Off E-Octopus VII Survey in Central GOM

WesternGeco commenced the acquisition of the E-Octopus VII survey in November. Located in the Walker Ridge and Keathley Canyon areas of the US central Gulf of Mexico, the multiclient survey covers approximately 300 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) blocks.

E-Octopus VII targets the high profile Lower Tertiary trend in a challenging subsalt imaging area of the Walker Ridge. The survey integrates previously acquired E-Octopus IV and E-Octopus VI phases to further expand the wide-azimuth coverage of the WesternGeco data library.

 The latest seismic data processing techniques will be applied to the survey, including 3D GSMP generalized surface multiple prediction and anisotropic Reverse Time Migration (RTM). Both techniques are enhanced by the Q-Marine point-receiver marine seismic acquisition system.

The E-Octopus multiclient wide-azimuth program in the Gulf of Mexico commenced in July of 2006. With the addition of E-Octopus VII, WesternGeco will have acquired over 3,100 OCS blocks of high-quality Q-Marine wide-azimuth data in the Gulf of Mexico.

The E-Octopus project is a member of the WesternGeco family of multiclient E-surveys that utilize advanced acquisition and processing technologies. The WesternGeco suite of advanced geophysical applications includes electromagnetic services and the Q-Technology point-receiver high-fidelity seismic acquisition-to-inversion platform.