Kan Tan IV Spins Bit at Origin's Rockhopper-1

Origin Energy reported that the Rockhopper-1 exploration well started drilling on November 30, 2009. At 0600 hours today, the well had reached a measured depth of 454 meters and was drilling ahead in 17-1/2" hole.

Rockhopper-1 is an exploration well which is located in the offshore Bass Basin within exploration permit T/18 P. The well is located approximately 38 kilometers west of the Yolla gas platform and BassGas project, 10 kilometers north of the Trefoil gas field and approximately 0.8 kilometers northwest of the Aroo-1 well, which contained gas shows on logs when drilled in 1974. The well is targeting gas within Eocene and Paleocene sands of the Eastern View Coal Measures.

Rockhopper-1 is planned as a deviated well, drilled directionally to intersect all reservoirs in a crestal position and has a planned total measured depth of 3,487 meters. If successful, Rockhopper-1 wellbore may be sidetracked downdip to obtain further reservoir and fluid pressure data.

At the conclusion of operations at Rockhopper-1, the Kan Tan IV rig will be released to conduct a drilling campaign in New Zealand.