Schlumberger's SBC Unit Expands Global Senior Leadership

SBC, the management consultancy arm of Schlumberger, announced the expansion of its global senior leadership team with the appointment of five vice-president level staff. The management team appointments have been made to help SBC meet its continually growing business and coincide with the launch of four new offices in New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi).

The announcement comes as SBC further cements its position as the only management consultancy with the strategic and operational insight, the global reach and the practical experience capable of providing a material impact to the oil and gas sector.

Antoine Rostand, President of SBC commented, "Since its launch five years ago, SBC has been about transforming the world's energy business for the 21st Century. The brainpower we've just brought on board is only helping us do so quicker and the senior team we now have in place represents the finest in management consultancy. We fully welcome such additions to our growing team of consultants and look forward to their contribution in helping reshape the energy industry for the next generation."

"In addition, the opening of our new offices in India, Brazil, China and the Middle East reflects the changing nature of the global energy map as well as our commitment to a critical presence in these regions. The emergence of new players in countries such as China and Brazil further adds to the already challenging competitive environment for all companies within the energy sector. Having a team on the ground in these key markets will better help our clients make informed, strategic and impactful decisions. Now more than ever, the complexities faced by the energy industry require players to re-think their operations in order to remain competitive. By guiding our clients into more progressive mindsets, we're helping ensure their ability to claim a stake in the new energy landscape of the next generation."

Launched in 2004, SBC has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s largest energy sector management consultancy firms. It works with global energy leaders and many of the world’s IOCs, NOCs and independents.