Brinx, Partners Send Completion Rig to 09-3#1 Discovery Well

Brinx Resources reported that a completion unit is expected to move to the first well of the 09-3 Oklahoma Project drill program this week. As previously reported, this well appears to be a significant new oil and gas discovery.The 09-3#1 well was drilled in late October with positive results including a drill stem test that flowed oil and natural gas to the surface. In addition to the tested zone, electric logs appear to indicate that the well may have as many as nine separate potential pay zones.

Completion of the discovery well is expected to take one to two weeks, weather permitting.

The 09-3#1 well discovery is part of a four well drill program located in the same geographic area as a highly successful Brinx and Partners well drilled in the 2008-3 program. Two additional wells in 09-03 program are in various stages of drilling and testing with the fourth well planned for later this month.

Further information regarding 09-3 drill program and other ongoing Brinx exploration and development projects will be made available as information becomes available.