CNEP Welcomes General Manager of Oilfield Services Subsidiary

China North East Petroleum Holdings Ltd. has announced the appointment of Mrs. Hongwei Lu to the position of General Manager for the Company's oilfield services segment, Song Yuan Tiancheng Drilling Engineering Company ("Tiancheng").

Mrs. Lu has more than 30 years of oil drilling and project management experience. She spent the last fourteen years serving as Vice President for Great Wall Drilling Company, an independent contractor for PetroChina. Prior to this role, she served as Deputy Commissioner of PetroChina's Drilling Bureau from 1990 to 1994, and as Deputy Chief of the Jilin Oilfield Exploration and Development Institute from 1987 to 1990.

"We are delighted to have Mrs. Lu join our team," commented Mr. Hongjun Wang, President of China North East Petroleum. "She has tremendous experience and a wealth of knowledge about China's oil exploration and production industry as well as extensive business contacts in the region in which we operate. We believe she can maximize the performance and enhance overall productivity in our newly acquired drilling services business and further strengthen the Company's working relationships with major industry players, including PetroChina to secure additional oilfield leasing and drilling contracts. We are pleased with our future opportunities and believe Mrs. Lu will play an important role in solidifying NEP as a leading private oil production and services company in China. We look forward to her future contributions and welcome her to our team."