Rock Solid Images Scores Major West African Seismic Gig

Rock Solid Images, a wholly owned subsidiary of Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping plc, has been awarded one of its largest rock physics and seismic inversion projects to date, with an order value approaching $1 million for a client operating in West Africa. Work on the project is expected to commence in January 2010.

Stated Richard Cooper, CEO of OHM, "We are very pleased that we continue to attract a significant proportion of the seismic inversion and reservoir characterization work available in West Africa. Since the start of calendar year 2009, we have been awarded approximately $3.5 million of seismic inversion project work in this very active and prospective region, resulting in a significant increase in backlog over the preceding year."

Cooper added, "Armed with our comprehensive knowledge of the regional rock properties of these Upper Cretaceous reservoirs, as exampled by the Jubilee, Tweneboa, Odum and Sankofa discoveries offshore Ghana, and, most recently, the Venus discovery offshore Sierra Leone, we have been able to produce CSEM survey design parameters which will optimize charged reservoir detection in this prolific oil province. With this knowledge we have commenced a campaign to promote the use of controlled source electro-magnetic (CSEM) data as an important companion data-set to seismic to help with reservoir appraisal and delineation."