Cirrus Energy Updates on Netherlands Production Activities

Cirrus Energy has announced the following operational update regarding ongoing production and development activities in our wholly owned subsidiary, Cirrus Energy Nederland B.V. ("Cirrus") in The Netherlands.

M7-A Field (Cirrus 42.75%, operator)

Production performance from the M7-A field since start up on September 12, 2009 has met expectations and averaged 21.7 MMscf/d gross to date (9.3 MMscf/d net to Cirrus). M7-A platform process uptime has been 100%. Excluding shut downs due to both scheduled and unscheduled activities at the NAM operated L9-FF processing platform, gross production has averaged 23.0 MMscf/d.

L8-D Field (Cirrus 25.5%, operator)

Production from the L11b-A06 well commenced on October 4, 2009 although rates have been intermittent due to minor facilities modifications and process vessel cleanout on the L11b-A platform which have necessitated several shutdowns and periods of restricted production rates. Excluding platform shutdowns, gross production has averaged 23.0 MMscf/d (5.9 MMscf/d net to Cirrus). Platform modifications and vessel cleanout work have now been completed.
Drilling Operations

The Noble Lynda Bossler drilling rig has drilled the L11b-A07 appraisal/development well on the L8-D field to a TD of 5840 mMD which was reached on November 28, 2009. Logging of the reservoir interval is currently underway and a full evaluation of both reservoir quality and hydrocarbon content will be available in the near future. Preliminary indications based on drilling breaks, cuttings and gas shows appear to be consistent with the pre-drill prognosis.

Cirrus' President, David Taylor, commented, "We are pleased with the early production performance from both the M7-A and L8-D fields which is in line with expectations. In addition, the drilling of the L11b-A07 well has been completed on schedule and budget and we look forward to the full evaluation of the results."