Morrison Commissioned for GOM Field Abandonment Services

Houston, TX-Morrison Energy Group. has been commissioned by Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners to perform plugging, abandonment, and decommissioning services of selected wells, pipelines and structures from the Gulf of Mexico West Delta 29/30 field. Initially, Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners turned to Chet Morrison Well Services to perform the P&A work. After recognizing that the scope of work required by Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners included the removal of the structures and pipelines, Chet Morrison Well Services proposed an integrated solution tapping multiple disciplines offered by the parent company’s group of service providers, Chet Morrison Contractors, and Chet Morrison Well Services.

"By utilizing our team of experts to project manage and deploying our wide range of assets, we will safely and efficiently execute a cost-effective, integrated solution for Anglo-Suisse Offshore," stated Chet Morrison, Chief Executive Officer of Morrison Energy Group.

The work is expected to be completed by the end of 2009.