Exile Resources Confirms Rig Arrival at Akepo, Zambian Bid

Exile Resources, Sogenal Limited (Oil and Gas Company) ("Sogenal") Operator of the Akepo Field, Oando Exploration and Production Limited ("OEPL" or "Oando") reported Friday that the Noble Lloyd Noble jackup drilling rig has arrived at the Akepo wellsite in the Niger Delta. Following a short period to set up the operation, a 40-day well testing and completion program will commence on the Akepo -1ST , OML90 offshore Nigeria.

Exile submitted a bid to the Zambian government for a block in the current permit licensing round. Exile is pleased to understand from the recent Zambian Minister of Mines' Press Release that an award has been made to the Company, and are awaiting formal confirmation before disclosing any further details.