ITT Provides Offshore Platform Equipment to Mexico's Dragados

How do 200 workers on an oil platform in the Bay of Campeche obtain the freshwater they need to survive? ITT Corporation delivers the answer -- with a turnkey potable water treatment system from ITT C’treat Offshore and pumping products from ITT Goulds Pumps.

ITT C'treat announced a $2.6 million deal with Dragados Offshore to supply the entire potable and process water treatment systems for an offshore oil platform in the Bay of Campeche. The project includes ITT Goulds pumps and ITT C'treat water process systems necessary for maintaining life support systems on-board, including drinking water and process water.

"The main focus on a platform is oil production, but if critical support systems fail, production stops," said Dragados Offshore Mexico Project Director Jose A. Garcia-Figueras. "The water systems we install must be made of reliable equipment to ensure that freshwater availability does not become a concern for platform managers. We are confident that ITT's C'treat system will deliver on that promise."

ITT C'treat has 30 years of experience in providing freshwater systems to the offshore petroleum industry. The company's desalination products and complete water systems are installed on hundreds of offshore platforms around the world. Dragados Offshore Mexico selected ITT C'treat for this project as a single-source OEM to provide the entire water treatment process. Components include:

  • Submersible seawater lift pumps. Pumps, riser piping and packaging of ITT Goulds Pumps, including all engineering design work, assembly and testing by ITT C'treat.
  • Seawater hydropneumatic system. Maintains and equalizes the pressure of the seawater systems employing custom built ASME X rated fiber reinforced plastic pressure vessels.
  • Sodium hypochlorite generator. Generates chlorine from seawater to disinfect the potable and process water supply.
  • Seawater filters. A coarse filtration system that removes debris larger than 1000 microns, and a secondary fine filtration system that removes particles greater than 25 microns.
  • Reverse osmosis watermakers. Two custom-built C’treat reverse osmosis watermakers to desalinate seawater; each producing up to 26,400 gallons (100 m3) of potable water per day.
  • Potable water pumps. Two ITT Goulds Pumps Model 3700 API pumps to supply drinking water from the storage tanks to the tap.
  • Potable water hydropneumatic system. Maintains and equalizes the pressure of the drinking water systems employing ASME X rated fiber-reinforced plastic pressure vessels.
  • Barge water filter. A custom-built system to filter water supplied from external sources.

"C'treat has long been recognized as the global leader of watermakers to the offshore oil and gas industry," said Tom Vanden Heuvel, general manager of ITT C'treat Offshore. "This project demonstrates our broader capability as an OEM of complete water systems. We stay true to our core design philosophy of simplicity and reliability for the ease of use of our customers."