Blake International Creates New Crane Rental Division

Blake International USA Rigs has launched a new "Crane Rental Division" within the company. The Crane Division consists of 15 self erecting offshore platform cranes with sizes ranging from 15 tons to 37.5 tons. The cranes were a part of the purchase of the Pride Offshore self erecting platform rigs and facilities that Blake International purchased in May of 2008. Blake International has complete packages of Cranes, Living Quarters, and Platform Mats, that are used for the repair, refurbishment, and Plug and Abandonment of offshore platforms.

Michael E. Blake, Chairman of Blake International, commented, "We are pleased to diversify the use of our assets in a market where we have the 2nd largest fleet of rental cranes and support equipment. Our operators are trained to the highest of standards and work with our rig operational department during mobilization and demobilization activities."