Skymira Delivers New Monitoring Solution for Field Technicians

Skymira, a leading provider of state-of-the-art satellite and cellular technology solutions for the seamless management of remote operations, has enhanced its TailorFit Solutions by combining its popular Electronic Forms and Telemetry/SCADA services. This latest solution provides technicians with real-time operating status of remotely located equipment under their care while operating in some of the roughest terrain imaginable.

Skymira provides remote field solutions for Work Order Automation using its Electronic Forms service and its Telemetry/SCADA service, with each service typically using separate satellite networks. For this new solution, Skymira combined the services and separate satellite network data into a single powerful application. Field technicians are now equipped to keep a watchful eye on remotely located units they are responsible for, with the clear benefit of detecting early warning signs of failure and avoiding costly machine downtime.

"When data from multiple remote information solutions is combined, it produces exponential benefits for our clients," said Robert Landsfield, CEO, Skymira, LLC. "Technicians driving in trucks are able to check the status of equipment operating hundreds of miles away. This is the first solution of its kind to address a significant unmet need," added Landsfield.

As part of its Tailor-FitTM solutions, Skymira employs a comprehensive approach to understanding each client’s needs and details of how they operate. This assures that clients are presented with a complete view of all areas within the business where access to remote information will drive increased returns. While most companies will initially implement one or two high return applications, Skymira has observed that companies continuing beyond this initial set of applications realize exponential benefits. Chiefly driven by the increased reporting made available, new combinations of data can be used to solve increasingly complex challenges, unlocking value often hidden within a company's existing processes.