Palantir Puts Value on Exploration Assets

Palantir Solutions has created unique processes which provide a previously unattainable level of rapid insight into the value of E&P assets.

The new consultancy service, PalantirPS (portfolio services), has been created to help oil and gas planning teams and M&A advisors to quickly screen opportunities for competitive advantages as part of a structured approach to selecting optimum portfolios.

At the core of PalantirPS are two new services:

  • Rapid Company Valuation (RCV): quick valuations -- including the value of exploration assets -- of a company / external opportunity for M&A, swaps or partnership purposes. This service helps to quickly identify the right opportunities at the right time.
  • Risked Portfolio Evaluation (RPE): practical portfolio optimization by quantifying trade-offs between competing corporate strategies and assessing the likelihood of meeting company targets (production and reserves). This might incorporate RCV findings with an understanding of alternative portfolios' exposures, risks, probability of meeting targets and downside quantification. Palantir's own research (Willigers, 2009, SPE 124180) suggests 'Swanson's mean' can be used to replace a full 'Monte Carlo simulation' (which is rarely run in full due to the complex correlation set up and interpretation difficulties).

Jason Ambrose, MD, Palantir Solutions commented, "Rapid Company Valuation is a new way of thinking to convert insight into opportunities and opportunities into value. Meanwhile Risked Portfolio Evaluation is a practical approach to a task rarely tackled due to its complexity. We are giving our customers an agility in thought, process and execution which to date has not been available to them."