Telvent Upgrades One of Australia's Longest Gas Pipelines

Telvent will install its OASyS DNA 7.5 supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and enterprise Gas Measurement and Analysis System (GMAS) into the Master Station of the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP), the largest natural gas transmission pipeline in Western Australia.

The new Telvent distributed system will deliver best-of-breed real-time technology and provide robust data gathering, a greatly enhanced security model, greater capacity in both real-time data gathering and historical retention, and facilitated potential integration with existing corporate applications such as Maximo.

The upgrade project follows a co-engineering process in which DBP Transmission (DBP), the owner and operator of the DBNGP, and Telvent developed a comprehensive Technical Requirements Specification, identifying the risks and contingencies that should be taken into consideration for a smooth upgrade, end-to-end commissioning, and a subsequent seamless cutover to the new DNA 7.5 system. To this end, Telvent noted existing business system interfaces with the current SCADA, a Telvent OASyS 5.2.2 system commissioned in 1999, and the current requirements of DBP end-users. In addition, there was a complete review of all system points, documentation of modifications to baseline code, an audit of data screens, and an analysis of Gas Measurement practices.

"DBP and Telvent have been working diligently to provide the best solution to meet DBP needs on an accelerated timeline," noted Manuel Sanchez, Telvent's Chairman and CEO. "We are very enthusiastic about the results and are most gratified with the vote of confidence that DBP communicates with this order, which motivates us to keep on working at the same level."

The pipeline is a major strategic asset in Australia -- one of the longest pipelines on the continent and the only natural gas pipeline connecting the North West Shelf Gas Project and other production facilities in the Carnarvon Basin with Western Australia's southwest markets. These markets include industrial, commercial and residential customers in Perth and the surrounding region. The staff of Telvent, located in Melbourne and Perth, will work with DBP to bring the world's best practice to the forefront of this strategic asset.