DOF Subsea Completes Wellsite Survey Offshore Newfoundland

DOF Subsea Canada has completed survey services in the Laurentian Basin south of Newfoundland, Canada. DOF Subsea Canada utilized the Company's vessel Geosounder which is now en route to Norway.

The scope of work included a wellsite clearance survey utilizing ROV mounted multibeam bathymetry and magnetometer equipment.

The DOF Subsea Group is a specialist subsea service business that provides subsea construction and engineering, IRM, ROV and survey services to the world's major subsea markets. The Company owns state of the art equipment including 30 offshore construction, diving and ROV support vessels, 41 ROVs, 1 AUV and 11 diving spreads enabling it to offer differentiated positions with its clients and work in long term relationships, which enhance service delivery and reduce overall risk.