Brinx, Partners Initiate Drilling of 2 More Wells at Oklahoma Project

Brinx Resources reported that the drilling of two new wells at the 2009-3 Oklahoma Project has commenced. These two well locations were based on positive anomalies discovered by 3D seismic surveys and will target the same pay zones encountered in the Company's successful 2008-3 wells and the 2009-3-1 well.

As previously announced, the first of the three wells in 2009-3 Oklahoma Project drill program (2009-3-1) appears to have been a significant new discovery. Electric well logs and a drill stem test that flowed both oil and gas indicate the strong likelihood of another producing well for the Company. Logs also indicate that the well has as many as nine separate potential pay zones in three separate geological formations. The successful well from the 2008-3 program in the same area has been in production since May and has already produced over 65,000 barrels of oil and 7,400 mcf of gas.

"We are delighted by the initial success of our 2009-3 drill program," said Leroy Halterman, President of Brinx Resources. "All of the Oklahoma Project's well locations were targeted with modern 3D seismic surveys and we are optimistic that our detailed geophysical analysis for the new wells will result in continued success for this program."

It is anticipated that the new wells (2009-3-2 and 2009-3-3) will take approximately two to three weeks to reach total depth. They will target the same pay zones as the successful wells in the 2008-3 program and the recently announced 2009-3-1 program. The Company should have preliminary indications as to the success of these wells once the drill reaches total depth and they are electrically logged.