Schlumberger Inks Exclusive Deal with Rock Deformation Research

Schlumberger announced an agreement with Rock Deformation Research Limited (RDR) to provide the RDR structural analysis module within the Petrel seismic-to-simulation workflow. RDR is a global leader in structural geology consultancy and research associated with deformation and fluid flow in the subsurface.

"This is the first Ocean partner plug-in to be released as a module with Petrel. The RDR plug-in, combined with the wealth of prospect assessment and uncertainty analysis capabilities in Petrel, provides unmatched power to reduce risks associated with exploration," said Olivier Peyret, vice president, Software Products, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS). "This new module demonstrates the strength of the growing community of Ocean developers who continue to expand the Petrel model-centric workflow."

The new RDR module enables comprehensive analysis of seal and trap, two of the key risks in an exploration play or prospect. Together with the PetroMod Petroleum Systems module's source, migration and seal analysis capability, Petrel now gives explorationists a unique environment to reduce all the key risks associated with exploration.

"We are pleased to bring high-quality intuitive structural analysis capabilities to the global market within Petrel. This will enable geoscientists and engineers to quickly build structurally sound models in the world's leading reservoir modeling package," said Steve Freeman, technical director, RDR. "We also found the Ocean platform to be an extremely productive development environment."

In addition to enhancing fault seal and structural analysis, the new module includes fault juxtaposition and property mapping capabilities -- such as permeability prediction, clay mixing and smearing algorithms -- delivering critical tools for development and production environments. This further extends the Petrel workflow to correctly model faults and characterize reservoir compartmentalization to achieve an accurate history match and correctly predict reservoir performance.

This module will be available for Petrel 2010 and will be exclusively sold and supported by SIS.