Hadaway Engineering Chooses WellEZ's Field Reporting Solution

WellEz Information Management, a web-based oilfield reporting service, announced today Hadaway Engineering, a petroleum engineering consulting firm has selected WellEz.NET. Hadaway Engineering uses WellEz.NET, the reporting solution for field operations, for daily reporting to their clients. Hadaway selected WellEz.NET for its robustness, reliability and ease-of-use.


"Most of our clients are independent oil and gas operators and the WellEz system makes the distribution of reports to the many working interest partners much more efficient," noted Allen Hadaway, President and Founder of Hadaway Engineering.


Hadaway Engineering needed a capable, reliable, easy to use system for field operations that would enhance daily reporting to their clients. Hadaway's clients are world­wide and often require daily status reports. Further, clients vary in the level of detail needed in their reports. Customizing the reporting system to support Hadaway's existing MSExcel reports, and allow future development of new reports and report changes, were other requirements. The cost of using the system had to fit the range of Hadaway Engineer­ing's clients' reporting needs. Support also needed to be available to Hadaway Engineering consultants and partners whenever and wherever it is needed.


"We have known and worked with Hadaway Engineering for some time," said Charles Jeffery, President of WellEz. "Operators in Western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle are familiar with their firm. Hadaway Engineering is well-established and has deep project experience in many geographies and technical environments. Their projects range from initial project planning and design, to all phases of field imple­mentation, including plugging and abandonment. WellEz.NET provides Hadaway with additional value-adding reporting services to their clients. Our ability to customize reports was an important factor for Hadaway as their clients needs vary. We were able to quickly implement their existing MS Excel reports and allow for future development of new reports and report changes."