Schlumberger Launches New Petrophysical Evaluation System

Schlumberger Oilfield Services has launched the DecisionXpress(a) petrophysical evaluation system, which provides a highly integrated, quality-controlled petrophysical interpretation minutes after completion of logging operations.

The immediate delivery of interpreted results allows time-critical decisions to be made, and permits geoscience and engineering professionals to realize the full potential of their valuable logging data.

The DecisionXpress system integrates data from the Platform Express(a) and ECS(a) Elemental Capture Spectroscopy services in a unique interpretation software program. The PC-based application provides rapid data visualization and reprocessing capabilities with minimal user inputs, and delivers a robust petrophysical evaluation in sand/shale reservoirs at the wellsite or in the client office. Applications include planning of coring and sampling operations, decisions for casing, drilling ahead or sidetracking, and the design of completion strategies.

Field-testing began in February around the world, including locations in North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Europe. In deepwater exploration wells in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore West Africa, DecisionXpress was used to identify significant hydrocarbon zones that had been misinterpreted as water-bearing intervals from conventional triple-combo log analysis. The built-in petrophysical evaluation quality control highlighted the proper formation water salinity values necessary for accurate resistivity-based water saturation calculations. Porosity, permeability and water saturation results were later validated by core analyses.