Fairfield Industries Sells Z700 Node System to Sevmorgeo

Fairfield Industries announced that Sevmorgeo State Company in Russia has purchased a Z700 nodal seismic data acquisition system designed and manufactured by Fairfield to operate in shallow water at depths between 1 and 700 meters.

St. Petersburg-based Sevmorgeo, which focuses on seismic data acquisition and processing, purchased 500 of the Z700 system's completely cable-free Autonomous Recording Units (ARUs), or nodes.

"This represents yet another milestone for Fairfield in our Z node technology side of the business as it marks our entry into the Russian market," said Steve Mitchell, vice president of operations and division manager at Fairfield. "Sevmorgeo has been a good client for some time, and we have worked cooperatively together to assist them in bringing the newest and latest technology to their market."

Mikhail Y. Shkatov, director of Sevmorgeo State Company, which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation via the Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency commented: "We very much enjoy our cooperative relationship with Fairfield, and we are very excited about the opportunities and advantages the Z700 nodal system will bring to our business."

The individual Z700 nodes can acquire seismic data continuously for as long as 15 days, according to Mitchell who noted: "The total absence of cables eliminates leakage or troubleshooting, which enables continuous shooting and recording.

"The Z700 system has no restrictions on receiver interval or the number of receiver lines deployed," he added. "Another plus is that it requires only about half the crew members of a conventional OBC shoot and just two vessels."

Z700 is one of three entirely cable-free seismic acquisition node systems developed by Fairfield. The systems, including deepwater Z3000® and Z Land®, are rapidly achieving a high-profile in the industry where they are recognized for acquiring exceptional quality seismic data in addition to being easily deployed, reliable and essentially trouble-free systems having minimal environmental impact.

Shkatov noted that SEVMORGEO plans to begin operations using Z700 in the summer shooting season in 2010.

The Z700 nodal system is available from Fairfield as both a product and/or a service.

Privately-held Fairfield Industries Inc. is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, and offers a complete suite of seismic services ranging from data acquisition to visualization. Fairfield is the industry leader in cable-free seismic data acquisition system manufacturing.