Superior Well Services Wins Top Honors for WFR-3B Slickwater System

World Oil® magazine announced the 11 winners of the eighth annual World Oil Awards on October 15th in Houston, Texas. The winner of the "Best Drilling, Completions & Production Fluids Award" was Superior Well Services, Inc. for its WFR-3B(TM) Slickwater System.

Superior Well's WFR-3B(TM) Slickwater System is a liquid friction reducer designed especially for application in shale formations and is utilized in the Company's exclusive GammaFRac(TM) Slickwater System. This patented friction reducer lowers pumping pressure requirements, permitting a reduction in necessary well-site hydraulic horsepower, and allows the use of saline water and previously used fracture fluid, reducing the demand on local sources of fresh water, and reducing the environmental burden of fracture-water disposal.

Superior Well's ICP-1000 Iron Control Agent was a finalist for the award in the Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development category.

Superior's ICP-1000 agent keeps iron in solution so it will not precipitate out of the solution to form particles that may reduce gas-production potential and make the fracture water unfit for reuse. The iron-control agent provides iron control at low levels of chemical loading without harming friction-reduction properties.

The 2009 World Oil Awards program garnered hundreds of submissions from points around the globe. A third-party Advisory Board, comprised of nine senior industry executives and academics and the Next Generation Committee, comprised of 14 up-and-coming leaders in the petroleum industry, judged the list of nominees. Finalists were selected from each category in the competition for another round of evaluation and one winner was chosen. World Oil® magazine considers reaching the finalist level to be a high level of distinction.