Aberdeen Firm Offers 'Next Generation Broadband' to Energy Sector

Converged Communication Solutions is the first independent Scottish internet service provider (ISP) to offer the ground-breaking ADSL2+ broadband package, providing global businesses operating in the Energy sector with increased bandwidth and faster internet connection speeds.

For businesses operating in the international Oil & Gas sector, it will offer many benefits including increased efficiency for remote working (via remote access technology) as well as global offices being able to communicate more effectively through technology such as video conferencing.

With a recent report published by Oxford University Business School stating that UK broadband is not fit for use, Converged will start rolling out the 'next generation of broadband service' to existing and new clients from this month.

The report ranks the UK's systems 31st out of 66 countries -- Britain was listed among countries whose broadband is only "meeting needs for today" while technologically advanced countries like South Korea and Japan dominated the league table, largely due to their commitment to super fast networks.

Neil Christie, technical director, Converged, said, "ADSL2+ will allow users to obtain more bandwidth for little or no extra outlay. Existing services (email traffic, web browsing, downloads and uploads) will be quicker, with newer services on the internet, such as video streaming, becoming more accessible.

"We are delighted to be the first independent Scottish internet provider to offer this broadband package -- I believe it will enhance our clients' productivity by offering greater speed and flexibility. Our aim has always been to provide a personal service that ensures our clients get the best solution for their communication needs."

The firm was recently recognised for its innovation in technology when the company became a finalist in the 'Best Use of ICT' category at the Northern Star Business Awards.

Converged is a leading Aberdeen-based internet service provider (ISP) specialising in voice and IP telephony services and offers an extensive portfolio of inter-site networking solutions.