Adams Resources Reviews Haynesville Shale Activity

Adams Resources & Energy announced that during the third quarter of 2009 it participated in the drilling of three successful wells in the Haynesville Shale Play of Nacogdoches County, Texas. These wells, the Hill #1, the Pop Pop Gas Unit #1 and the Hassell Gas Unit #1, each began initial production rates from 12,000 to in excess of 15,000 mcf per day of natural gas with flowing tubing pressures in excess of 7200 psi. The Company has a 5% working interest in these wells. Based on the favorable results to date and a fourth well drilled earlier this year, the Company participated in a recent leasehold acquisition to expand its acreage position in the area. Presently, the Company holds a 5% working interest in approximately 43,000 acres, which includes the area of the four productive wells. A 2% working interest is held in approximately 24,000 additional acres. Further drilling activity is anticipated on this Haynesville opportunity with two rigs scheduled for December 2009 and additional rigs anticipated for 2010.