Poinsettia Project Honored as 'Overseas Project of the Year'

BG Trinidad & Tobago's Poinsettia Project won the prestigious Overseas Project of the Year Award from the UK-based Association of Project Management (APM).

The award is given to an overseas project completed during the year delivered by a UK project team. Feedback from the judging panel was that merely delivering a project on schedule and within budget, while is important, does not make a project exceptional. According to the judges, this project demonstrated BG T&T's empowerment of the local industry to take on the challenge of building a quality topside far larger than had ever been built in Trinidad.

As stated by the APM, "A striking aspect of this project was the empowerment of local industry to take on the challenge of building the 4,300 tonne gas platform, which was far larger than anything they had undertaken before." Trinidad Offshore Fabricators Unlimited (TOFCO) was contracted to provide the fabrication services of the topsides which was more than double the size of all previous platforms fabricated in Trinidad by local labor. The topsides construction utilized local subcontractors with zero Lost Time Incidents.

The overall Poinsettia development project comprised a platform structure, 20 km of 20" pipeline, 7 km of 6" flowline and modifications to the existing export route to produce gas to the Atlantic LNG plant and loading terminal. First Gas flowed through the new Poinsettia platform on time and within budget, despite the inflationary and competitive market. TOFCO also assisted in the final platform commissioning through to mechanical completion.

"TOFCO is honored to be associated with BG TT on this project. This contract has raised the capability of TOFCO and local companies to an altogether higher, more competitive level. We attribute our success to the high value placed on the provision and maintenance of a safe and secure working environment. Our level of professional and technical skill and our commitment to quality allows us to be an effective international competitor in the oil and gas fabrication and construction industry," stated Shuresh Gangabissoon, General Manager of TOFCO who attended the event with Chet Morrison, Executive Chairman of Morrison Energy Group.

The APM awards are highly regarded and reflect the dedication and talent that helps to shape the project management community.

TOFCO: Trinidad Offshore Fabricators Unlimited is a joint venture company formed in 2003 with Chet Morrison Contractors, a subsidiary of Morrison Energy Group, and Weldfab Limited from Trinidad. TOFCO's facility is located in the Labidco Industrial Estate, La Brea, Trinidad, W.I.