PTTEP Working to Control Fire at Montara Field Off Australia

PTTEP Australasia Company Limited (PTTEP AA), a subsidiary of PTTEP reported that on Sunday, November 1, 2009, while the company was trying to intercept the leak and injecting the heavy mud into the well at Montara Wellhead Platform, West Atlas rig in the Montara Field, a fire broke out at the rig for unknown reasons.

The company used a fire fighting vessel and fire fighting experts from ALERT Well Control stationed at the nearby West Triton rig which is situated 2 kilometers away from West Atlas to help control the fire. West Triton rig is used to drill the relief well to intercept the oil and natural gas leak. PTTEP AA is cooperating with Australian agencies concerned to control the situation and ensure quick return to normalcy.

All 113 personnel on West Triton are safe. There were no casualties.