New Orleans to Welcome Industry Leaders at Key Energy Summit

New Orleans is preparing to welcome the biggest names in Oil when the illustrious Next Generation Oil and Gas Summit comes into town. Key personnel including Commissioner Elizabeth A. Jones and Brian Rovelli - President of Total E&P have confirmed attendance to discuss the US reliance of foreign energy markets, technology investments to improve efficiency, building jobs for the American people, and increasing government interventions on the Energy market.

The U.S. seems to be at the brink of losing manufacturing jobs to India and China and implementation of a near-term energy strategy would send a strong message out. Karl Rove is set to lead the discussion and drive home the need of the American people.

"Americans instinctively understand what too many policymakers ignore. We need affordable and reliable energy to power our economy and provide jobs. Relying more on domestic energy sources and less on those of the Persian Gulf makes us more secure. And while conservation and alternatives are good, America will be better off if markets set energy prices, not government bureaucrats. The challenge is getting lawmakers to embrace what the American people already have." – Karl Rove (Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush).

The summit (now in its third year) has over fifty leaders in attendance and has got the industry waiting with bated breath on the outcomes.

"Karl is pulling the industry together, working to secure domestic growth, We do not want to see legislation transformed into a mechanism for transferring jobs overseas," said Will Doll, Director NG O&G.