TerraSpark Unveils New Software Development Kit for Insight Earth

TerraSpark Geosciences has launched its Software Development Kit (SDK) for Insight Earth® as a means of providing the oil and gas exploration community with an innovative tool for developing customized extensions and plug-ins to the Insight Earth 3D visualization and interpretation suite.

"This SDK augments TerraSpark's core 3D visualization and interpretation platform with powerful software development technologies that provide a nonrestrictive, fully open development architecture that will benefit customers, third party developers and ultimately the exploration community as a whole," noted Geoffrey Dorn, Ph.D., President of TerraSpark. The Insight Earth SDK is included at no additional cost with the license for Insight Earth Base.

"Energy companies typically have internal teams produce specialized volumetric algorithms. The Insight Earth SDK further extends Insight Earth's robust capabilities by allowing these teams to deliver their proprietary solutions as an integrated part of the Insight Earth platform," said Dorn. "Enabling this level of integration means interpreters will spend less time switching or bridging between applications and can achieve results faster and more effectively."

Insight Earth users can leverage the new SDK's high performance, multi-threaded, easy to use C++ plug-in architecture to extend Insight Earth's capabilities by integrating existing proprietary algorithms and creating customized, high performance volume attributes or custom volumetric algorithms and calculations.

The Insight Earth SDK further enhances the integrated workflows made possible by Insight Earth's interoperability with OpenSpirit® software and OpenSpirit-enabled applications. The OpenSpirit connection enables a seamless exchange of data and cursor locations, thus simplifying the process of mobilizing data volumes and allowing interpreters to spend even less time managing software requirements, and more time achieving business results.

This SDK will also permit developers to harness the massively parallel processing power of graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate non-graphics computation for large volume data sets. According to Jon Marbach, Director of Software Architecture and Engineering, TerraSpark will include SDK samples in the next version release.

"We are currently working to include functionality for APIs such as CUDA™ and OpenCL™ with the next version of the SDK," said Marbach. "This will help developers in the oil and gas industry gain even greater competitive strength through the use of the most advanced processing technologies available."

The Insight Earth SDK also allows developers to add support for proprietary volume file formats, thus enhancing Insight Earth's data interchange capabilities. Future versions of this SDK will support custom processes that operate on Faults, Horizons and other data types supported by Insight Earth's interpretation capabilities.

"TerraSpark's Insight Earth SDK is a forward-focused tool that opens up Insight Earth to ever greater innovation by developers and other users within the oil and gas exploration community, in an intuitive, easy to use development environment," said Dorn. "It also extends our True Volume value proposition by allowing the exploration community to enhance TerraSpark's best-in-class 3D seismic visualization and interpretation tools to achieve new thresholds in performance."

TerraSpark's Insight Earth is the company's flagship 3-D interpretation platform that provides revolutionary interpretation technologies to companies engaged in exploration and development of hydrocarbons. Insight Earth is the core element of TerraSpark's True Volume platform, through which TerraSpark enables users to achieve "true volume interpretation" of seismic data (i.e., all-at-once interpretation of complete three-dimensional surfaces) at every stage of the interpretation workflow.