Baker Hughes Achieves 24-Stage Openhole Isolation in Bakken Shale

Baker Hughes successfully ran a 24-stage completion in the Williston Basin for Whiting Petroleum Corp. This is among the largest number of stages ever run using a ball/sleeve method for isolation. The Baker Oil Tools FracPoint™ EX multistage fracturing system (FracPoint EX) used on the Ogden 11-3H well allowed the single-trip isolation of 24 intervals with an 8,000-psi pressure rating, while achieving high frac rates through all the ball seats.

According to Bob Bennett, president of Baker Hughes' Baker Oil Tools product line, "Lowering operating costs and increasing completion performance are top priorities for operators, given our current market environment. We believe our new system, which builds on the success and reliability of Baker Hughes' original FracPoint system and sets a new standard for downhole tool providers, will meet our clients' expectations in areas like the Bakken Shale and Three Forks where demand is increasing for the number of stages on a single-trip openhole completion."

Rick Ross, vice president of operations for Whiting Petroleum Corp. said, "As our ability to efficiently drill and complete longer horizontal laterals has increased, the need to increase the number of frac stages that can be pumped with a ball/sleeve system has become critically important to Whiting. Our relationship with Baker Hughes in North Dakota has resulted in the companies jointly pushing technology for more effective and efficient completions."

The Bakken Shale/Three Forks play in North Dakota has seen an increase in activity due to fracturing improvements using multistage openhole packer and sleeve systems. Advances in completion product development are enabling Baker Hughes to develop increasingly more complex fracturing systems that can be deployed in one trip, reducing the steps required to successfully complete a well.

The original FracPoint multistage system is highly effective for precisely and reliably isolating multiple stages in open holes while eliminating the costs and complexities of cementing and perforating. The FracPoint EX multistage fracturing system extends the FracPoint system's capability to 24 stages. This job was the first 24-stage FracPoint EX system Baker Hughes has deployed globally.