TerraSpark Geosciences Introduces New Well Path Solution

TerraSpark Geosciences® today announced the launch of Insight Earth® Well Path™ -- an innovative new tool that will help oil and gas exploration companies improve exploration efficiency, reduce strategic risks associated with directional well path drilling, and further reduce planning cycle times for exploration and development.

"Insight Earth Well Path was designed with the industry's most robust visualization and interpretation capabilities to make it an ideal strategic and development platform for virtually all directional well path planning and geosteering applications," said Geoffrey Dorn, Ph.D., President of TerraSpark. "It allows an integrated, planning-oriented point of access for diverse exploration teams including geoscientists, reservoir engineers and drilling engineers, and enables each of them to intuitively understand the impact of well path conditions as they relate to a particular project."

Insight Earth Well Path is an applied solution that leverages Insight Earth's advanced interpretation and visualization capabilities to provide optimized directional well path planning in an environment that fully and intuitively integrates all relevant factors that can affect the well path plan. Insight Earth Well Path draws from Insight Earth’s ability to interpret both structure and stratigraphy, allowing comprehensive 3D interpretation of well path drilling environments, as opposed to conventional "one slice" views. This improvement in interpretation allows superior visibility and understanding of well path factors, thus enabling superior business decision making.

The launch of Insight Earth Well Path further strengthens TerraSpark's goal of providing the oil and gas exploration community with a best-in-class, True Volume solution that enables unparalleled strength in business decision making via the industry's deepest, most optimized integration of 3D seismic visualization and interpretation capabilities.

TerraSpark's Insight Earth is the company's flagship 3D interpretation platform that provides revolutionary interpretation technologies to companies engaged in exploration and development of hydrocarbons. Insight Earth is the core element of TerraSpark's True Volume platform, through which TerraSpark enables users to achieve "true volume interpretation" of seismic data (i.e., all-at-once interpretation of complete three-dimensional surfaces) at every stage of the interpretation workflow.