ffA, OpenSpirit Add Interoperability to 3D Seismic Analysis Solutions

ffA and OpenSpirit Corporation have entered into a Business Partner Agreement to provide multi-vendor connectivity to users of ffA's 3D seismic analysis products using the OpenSpirit Software Development Kit. ffA's SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro seismic analysis applications will be able to reach out to any OpenSpirit-enabled data store to access data and share interaction events with other geotechnical software.

ffA software rapidly extracts 3D representations of subsurface geology directly from 3D seismic data sets. Applied within the interpretation workflow, ffA Software significantly improves interpretation productivity and provides unprecedented levels of clarity and detail to seismic interpreters, delivering more complete and accurate interpretations, an improved understanding of uncertainty and risk, and better well placement in both exploration and production scenarios.

"By providing direct access to data stores through an OpenSpirit-enabled data connector, data import and export to ffA applications will be simplified by eliminating manual SEGY file read/write steps," said Steve Purves, ffA's Technical Director. "By providing an OpenSpirit data connector, users will be able to maximize the productivity gain our software gives them, by working seamlessly with their data management infrastructure. Getting data in and getting results back out will come down to a few familiar mouse clicks for OpenSpirit-enabled users."

"We appreciate that the ffA team sees the value of incorporating the OpenSpirit data interoperability framework as part of their solution foundation," said Dan Piette, President & CEO of OpenSpirit. "ffA delivers a world-class 3D seismic analysis solution, and this enhanced level of integration will give geoscientists the flexibility to create more robust and value-added workflows using data from across their petro-technical environment."