Expro Completes First 'Well Cast' Job in GOM

The well integrity services team from international oilfield service company Expro has completed the first "Well Cast" job for a major customer on one of the Gulf of Mexico's largest producing wells.

With the assistance of Expro's recently developed ViewMax sideview camera, the team, based in Broussard, Louisiana, was able to help guide the customer through a high-profile fishing operation.

The "Well Cast" allowed completion engineers in Houston to view live, full motion video of the ViewMax downhole video survey in their well from an offshore deepwater drilling vessel 200 miles from their office. This allowed all the completion engineers, fishing specialists and consultants involved in the fishing operation to quickly assess the downhole conditions together and make decisions faster, saving valuable and costly rig time. The video images, both stationary and moving, are easy to use to interpret fishing, and to diagnose well integrity and production behavior.

The versatile ViewMax downhole camera system allows the video operator to switch from the conventional down view camera mode to the side view camera mode with the flick of a switch. The camera can also be rotated 360 degrees by its motor section, providing a full investigation in any direction. The additional information provided by the sideview camera can be critical to understanding the actual issue in the well, allowing oil and gas operators to make the best decisions without delay based on an accurate diagnosis of the problem. The technology also allows various engineers to set up remotely in different locations and hold live discussions regarding the data produced.

The team has utilized "Well Cast" on several jobs for major customers, with the technology increasingly becoming the method of choice on forthcoming projects.

Brett Lestrange, Expro's Senior VP North America - Offshore said, "This is a major achievement for the well integrity services team and would not have been a success without the tireless effort and technical capabilities of our people.

"This deepwater project showcases the impressive results the equipment can bring in enabling a true and accurate depiction of downhole activity, allowing engineers from different locations around the world to work together to make instant decisions which can ultimately save time, resources and costs. The customer stated that our well cast technology was a critical factor in completing the job."

ViewMax is one of the recent developments in Expro's downhole video technology portfolio. Since its launch two years ago, Expro has experienced demand for the system as it has allowed customers to reap the significant benefits associated with the technology. ViewMax was a Spotlight on New Technology winner at the Offshore Technology Conference, 2008.