Pathfinder Successfully Deploys DFT Technology in North Sea

One of the most recent advances in LWD technology, PathFinder's Drilling Formation Tester (DFT) was deployed by Total on board the John Shaw semi submersible in the UK sector of the North Sea. The DFT tool was run in the BHA used to directionally drill the 8-1/2" hole section. The tool performed a total of twelve formation pressure tests. All twelve were successful including a repeat test. The testing was performed in adverse weather conditions, with real time data transmitted to surface as each test was performed.

This project signals the commercialization of the DFT in the North Sea following an extensive field testing program in North America and Norway. UK based operators planning to use the DFT are looking at applications either as a means to reduce direct and indirect formation evaluation costs or to aid in real time decision making while drilling.