Fugro Data Solutions, SMT Team Up in Global Data Rooms

Fugro Data Solutions Limited, the global E&P data management experts, and SMT, the leader for Windows-based geoscientific interpretation software, completed a major global effort to help a government license oil & gas blocks. Fugro won the contract to assist with promotion of the licensing round, in which over 50 blocks were on offer, including organizing global road shows and hosting five data rooms. In the data rooms, the software used to showcase these blocks was SMT KINGDOM. Over 600 people attended presentations and close to 40 attended the data rooms.

Fugro Data Solutions has been a major user of SMT KINGDOM for over 10 years. They utilize the product for ongoing geophysical data management and data remediation work. Recently this usage has also expanded into collaboration in data rooms for national oil & gas exploration leases and aiding asset sales.

"We used KINGDOM software exclusively for our data rooms in these licensing rounds because it is both easy to use, modular and offers high performance. This means we were assured that the bidders would have rapid and easy access to the data they needed to analyze before their purchase," said Mr. Kerry Blinston, Head of Technology & National Initiatives at Fugro Data Solutions. "After our success in the recent rounds, we look forward to more future collaboration with SMT."

"At SMT, we are happy to partner with an elite organization like Fugro Data Solutions. Fugro helps governments all over the world improve their energy sustainability by helping them find new sources of hydrocarbons. They have always been known for their cutting edge technology, so we are proud to be chosen as Fugro Data Solutions' exclusive partner for geoscientific interpretation in these data rooms," commented Ken Gardiner, VP of Sales for Europe Africa and Russia at SMT.

Moving forward, Fugro Data Solutions and SMT plan to continue and enhance their good working relationships and review how they can utilize both companies global office distribution to better leverage similar opportunities and to enhance clients' data room experience.