Seamar Snaps Up SeaQuest Diving, LLC

Seamar, a leading provider of subsea construction services to the domestic and international oil and gas industries operating at water depths up to 300 ft. in the Gulf of Mexico and select global markets, announced today the acquisition of SeaQuest Diving, LLC.

As a result of the purchase, Seamar has acquired all of SeaQuest's assets including, but not limited to, the M/V SeaQuest I, a 180 ft. 4PT dive support vessel (renamed the DSV Seadiver), a wide array of life support equipment and dive spreads ranging from shallow water to deep gas.

"The purchase of SeaQuest Diving further demonstrates our commitment to becoming the premiere shallow water subsea construction service provider in the Gulf of Mexico," said Eloy Anaya, President/CEO of Seamar. "Our strength as a company has always been our offshore capability. Essentially, with this move, we have doubled our size and we look forward to servicing more customers."