Vertec Secures 3 New Contracts to Supply Specialist Units

Aberdeen-based Vertec Engineering Limited (Vertec) -- which specializes in the design, build and rental of service cabins and control rooms for the oil and gas industry -- has secured three contracts worth almost £500,000 to deliver specialist units for use in the UK, US and Africa.

Vertec, which is part of the Offshore Containers Holdings Limited (OCHL) Group, has been awarded a £250,000 deal by G&M Power Plant Limited (G&M) to design and manufacture two acoustically-lined specialised modules that will house 1500kva diesel generator sets.

A £155,000 deal has also been secured with Halliburton to design and build two leak test cabins for a Zone 2 hazardous area in Angola, and a third deal, worth around £80,000, has been awarded by W-Industries to design and manufacture a Portable Test Unit (PTU) container for use in a Zone 2 hazardous area in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the first time that Vertec has worked with Houston-based W-Industries, who will be supplying the unit to FMC Technologies for its IPT Jubilee IWOCS project.

Vertec's Managing Director David Soper said, "The award of these three very different contracts, each with its own individual specifications, gives a clear demonstration of the expertise and experience we possess within the company and the diverse range of client’s needs that we can accommodate.

"Winning these contracts in the US, UK and Africa fits with Vertec's long term strategy of geographical diversification. Our experience in designing and building units for global clients who operate in a variety of locations means that we can create solutions that meet with a range of international standards. Having this kind of global knowledge and experience in-house, combined with our ability to deliver high quality work on time, helps us to continue to secure prestigious projects in international waters."