Nostra Terra Hits Hydrocarbons at Boxberger Property in Kansas

Nostra Terra has announced a hydrocarbon discovery on the Boxberger property in Kansas, USA.

The Boxberger A #5 horizontal well in Russell County, Kansas is Nostra Terra's initial production well in the area. The well is a re-entry. It was originally drilled to a total measured depth of 3,400 feet. We are drilling multiple laterals in two un-produced zones in lengths of 300 feet to 600 feet each. Details on flow rate will be provided once production is established. Nostra Terra currently holds a 75% working interest before payout and 50% after payout in this well. Hewitt Petroleum, Inc. (HPI) holds the remaining interest.

"We have encountered two reservoirs that have never been produced before," said William A. Alexander, a consulting engineer based in Broken Arrow, OK. The project culminates a five-year research effort designed to identify bypassed reserves in the Central Kansas Uplift. The field where Boxberger is located is one of the largest in Kansas having produced almost 100 million barrels of oil in various zones since its discovery in 1926.

"Our partnership with HPI is off to a great start," said Matt Lofgran, CEO of Nostra Terra. "We are encouraged by the early results. Re-work operations should be completed mid-week and re-work of the Boxberger #2 SWD is now complete. Once the Boxberger A #5 is in production, we will immediately move to the Boxberger B #2. We plan on finishing the rework and bringing that well online in 2-3 weeks."