InterMoor Completes Cuts with Redesigned Abrasive Cutting Tool

InterMoor has completed its sixth job in the Gulf of Mexico using its recently enhanced Scimitar Abrasive Cutting Tool.

InterMoor's Scimitar Abrasive Cutting Tool is the only tool of its kind where the abrasive is introduced at the cutting head versus a slurry mix (abrasive mixed at the high pressure pump). It has had a 100 percent success rate.

The tool uses ultra high pressure water to move abrasive at transonic speeds to cut virtually any type of material. It was adapted from a pneumatic tool to a hydraulic tool that centralizes inside of the pile or caisson.

The Scimitar Abrasive Cutting Tool sizes cover a range of casing outside diameters -- 7-16 in., 16-48 in. and 52-72 in. It is available in three sizes with lengths of 12, 15 and 20 ft and weights of 500, 1,000 and 1,400 lbs. InterMoor is one of only three companies that offers this type of service in the Gulf of Mexico.

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