CNOOC Restarts HZ 21-1 Gas Field after Typhoon

CNOOC announced that thanks to the joint efforts made by the Company and the CACT Operators Group, Huizhou 21-1 gas field has resumed its production after being hit by Typhoon Koppu.

Huizhou oil fields suspended production when hit by Typhoon Koppu on Sept. 14 2009, and part of the production facilities were damaged.

Thereafter, CNOOC Ltd. and the CACT Operators Group have gathered expertise and utilized all available resources to prepare a detailed recovery plan for Huizhou oilfields. On October 5, 2009, Huizhou 21-1 gas field resumed its production to the level before the typhoon hit and began to supply natural gas of 45 million cubic feet per day to the downstream users.

Meanwhile, the "Nanhai Faxian" FPSO has been disconnected and sailed to a safe area as planned and the first cargo of oil has been successfully lifted.

Yang Hua, President of the Company commented, "The restart of Huizhou 21-1 gas field has proved again our outstanding capability to handle unexpected challenges. This also reaffirmed our confidence in the full recovery of Huizhou oilfields as early as possible."

Huizhou 21-1 gas field is located at Pearl River Mouth basin and about 120 miles southeast of Hong Kong. The water depth of the field averages 115 meters.