Baker Hughes Develops Packer System for Openhole Annular Isolation

Baker Hughes has developed the Baker Oil Tools MPas packer system to provide openhole annular isolation, eliminating many of the operational, production and remedial problems associated with cement jobs. The MPas-e Remote-Set Packer (RSP) system with eTrigger technology allows operators to achieve selective zone isolation in open holes in extended reach wells.

Run on production casing or liner string, the MPas packer -- plus the uniform production profile created by Baker Hughes' BOT EQUALIZER inflow-control devices -- enables flow in the annulus to be efficiently managed without the limits or risks associated with no isolation or more complex isolation methods. The MPas packer provides improved time-to-seal control and a wider hole-size range than swelling rubber technology.

eTrigger controller technology is a simple, highly effective method of electronically activating the MPas packer, eliminating the costs, complexity and logistics of an inner string run for packer activation. eTrigger is computer programmed and once down hole, the controller activates the packer when the programmed temperature and pressure conditions are reached.

"The successful use of Interventionless e-Trigger technology enables operators to economically isolate and control production from wells drilled with extended reach drilling methods," commented Brent Emerson, openhole and wellbore completions director of marketing and technology for the Baker Hughes Baker Oil Tools product line. "Remote activation of a wellbore isolation packer is a milestone for advanced completion designs. The technology represents a new platform of completion equipment that saves time, money and eliminates the risks associated with conventional completion methods."

Recently, an operator offshore Qatar wanted to isolate zones in an extended reach well that had a shoe depth of ± 10,800 ft (3292 m) and a total depth of ± 25,000 ft (7620 m). The oil company was interested in a solution that provided operator control over when the annular seal is created without any mechanical intervention. The MPas packer enabled the operator to achieve isolation in the extended reach well, eliminating the need for a fully cemented liner and perforations. This solution also saved rig time by eliminating a pipe run of inner string to set packers -- for a total savings of approximately $1.5 million on the project.