Revolutionary New Drilling Solution Showcased in Fayetteville Shale

The Mud Masters Group ("MMG") has announced success of its Master Clear Fluid (patent pending) and its Non-Damaging Reservoir Technology (NDRT) used on several Fayetteville shale wells in Arkansas for a large publicly-traded oil and natural gas exploration and production customer.

MMG's new product, Master Clear Fluid, is a "green solution" the provides an environmental friendly, hybrid water-based drilling mud process that technically rivals the lubrication and inhibitive properties of a traditional oil-based drilling mud system. Traditional oil-based drilling mud systems are typically hazardous when used in troublesome shales such as Fayetteville. By switching to water-based Master Clear Fluid, MMG has substantially lowered its customers drilling costs by eliminating expenses associated with oil-based drilling mud systems including; environmental construction, clean up, haul off and disposal fees. MMG's customer recovered 100% of the eco-friendly Master Clear Fluid and reused it to drill additional shale wells saving the customer money and time related to post-drilling cleanup while enjoying the safety of a water-based mud system.

Raymond Griffin, The Mud Masters Group's Operations Manager, said, "Our recent demonstration of Master Clear Fluid's Non-Damaging Reservoir Technology Process on the Fayetteville wells confirms the product and process are effective and environmentally safe. Performance-wise, Master Clear Fluid rivaled the desired control and results of a formation treated with an oil-based drilling mud system. Environmentally-wise, Master Clear Fluid reduced the customer’s overall drilling costs and satisfied his concerns over long-term environmental damage and potential liability."

Non-Damaging Reservoir Technology Process

The Mud Masters Group's Non-Damaging Reservoir Technology (NDRT) Process was developed to reduce the finding cost of new reserves within severely difficult drilling regions and to reduce the overall project cost with no additional rig costs and no disposal fees.

The NDRT Process uses the Master Clear Fluid, a very inhibited fresh water-based mud. The water-based NDRT Process is technically advanced and requires a combination of DRILLING ENGINEERING (THE HOW) and MUD ENGINEERING (THE WHEN) to apply the process. Past projects have provided hole stability in very unstable shales.

Today, the NDRT Process offers a new proven technology for gaining higher ROP at lowest cost, regardless of the economic conditions today or in future. NDRT will soon be the "best practice" of high difficulty drilling, generating higher return from Non-Damaging Reservoir Technology.