Global Tubing Names Vice President of Technology

Global Tubing announced today that Dr. Bernie Luft has been named Vice President - Technology for Global Tubing. He previously joined the company as Senior Technical Consultant earlier this year. Dr. Luft has more than 30 years of practical oil and gas engineering experience with specific emphasis on coiled tubing research, engineering and applications. He has published more than 30 technical papers and holds one patent with a second patent pending.

"We are very pleased to have retained Dr. Luft on a full-time basis," stated C. Robert Bunch, Global Tubing's chairman and chief executive officer. "His continuing work in coiled tubing materials science and performance, including welding engineering, fatigue research and spooling technology will have many benefits."

Dr. Luft has accomplished many firsts and achievements pertaining to the coiled tubing industry, including the following:

  • Development and commissioning of a patented insulated concentric coiled tubing steam-injection string for thermal enhanced oil production and in-situ heavy oil production involving steam-assisted gravity-drainage (SAGD) processes.
  • Research into the collapse strength of coiled tubing and the effects of pre-fatigue, elevated temperature and bending radius. This resulted in a new "plastic hinge" theoretical model for predicting CT collapse strength that enabled high-temperature, high-pressure offshore well interventions previously not possible under API collapse strength predictions.
  • Research into the low-cycle fatigue, tensile strength and material response of coiled tubing in wet hydrogen sulphide (H2S) "sour" oil and gas reservoirs.
  • Development of a spoolable mechanical coiled tubing connector, the "Duralink," exhibiting low-cycle fatigue performance superior to that of manual or orbital TIG welded girth or butt joints in coiled tubing. This achievement, the first ever in the coiled tubing industry, earned Dr. Luft a prestigious Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation and for which a patent is pending.
  • Development of a mechanistic CT fatigue prediction model for high pressures and plastic bend strains.

Dr. Luft holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. He also earned Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Alberta.