Sub-Atlantic Delivers 2 Mohican ROVs to Swedish Co

World leading ROV manufacturer Sub-Atlantic Ltd has completed delivery of two Mohican ROVs to Swedish-based Marin Mätteknik AB (MMT AB) in a deal worth £750,000.

An international survey company offering a wide range of technical solutions for seafloor and sub-bottom survey, MMT AB has grown significantly in recent years and is expanding into new market segments, with a significant increase in ROV, environmental and geotechnical capacities with a fleet of five fully equipped survey vessels and capacity for geophysical and ROV surveys to depths of 2,000 meters.

The Mohicans will be deployed aboard the MV IceBeam, a 40 meter survey/ROV vessel and will carry out a variety of tasks including seabed and pipeline survey using a suite of specialist equipment.

The contract follows on from an earlier partnership which saw Aberdeen-headquartered Sub-Atlantic Ltd supply MMT AB with a Comanche ROV to search for unexploded World War II munitions in the Baltic.

The vehicle has been run for several thousands of kilometers during the last year and is currently being upgraded with a complete survey package including multibeam and side scan sonar.

Olof Nilsson, sales and marketing director at MMT AB, said, "We choose the Mohican because its combination of high thruster power, manoeuvrability and suitable size which allows swift and reliable under water inspections. The excellent interface between the Mohican inspection ROV and the Comanche work-class ROV makes it possible to have both system mobilized on the same ROV vessel and will enhance our capacity and options."

The Mohican ROV is equipped with unique Dynamic Vectoring™ capabilities allied to the revolutionary subCAN™ control system, providing the ultimate in stable observation, survey and light intervention platforms.

John Ferguson, general manager for Sub-Atlantic Ltd, said, "I am extremely pleased that once again MMT AB chose Sub-Atlantic to meet their ROV supply and support needs. We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and are confident the Mohican will serve them well in a huge variety of survey tasks."

Sub-Atlantic is part of Triton Group, an international group of businesses offering a range of control system based products and systems with complementary services. Products include the widest range of market leading electric and hydraulic ROVs for inspection, survey and light intervention applications through to deepwater heavy construction applications.

The Group also offers a comprehensive range of ancilliary remote intervention products and tooling systems as well as operational services such as training programs, offshore personnel recruitment, equipment rentals, management and servicing.