Baker Hughes Introduces Next Gen PDC Drill Bit Design

Baker Hughes has introduced its Hughes Christensen Quantec Force™ (Quantec Force) line of polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits, featuring newly engineered stabilization technology and next-generation cutters, to deliver appreciably higher penetration rates, increased footage and reduced costs in a wide range of drilling environments. In fact, through the first 50 runs documented in fields across the United States, Quantec Force lowered costs by drilling 30% farther and 25% faster compared to offset bit performance.

Developed to reduce drilling costs through improved bit performance, Quantec Force has demonstrated excellent stability by employing updated design practices using a proprietary bit dynamics model to optimize the force distribution experienced while the bit is in service. This improvement has significantly reduced the occurrence of highly destructive bit whirl, keeping the drilling process efficient and the cutting structure intact for faster and longer runs.

The new PDC bit line also uses newly engineered and highly wear-resistant cutters. There are a variety of cutter choices, depending on the drilling application. One cutter type is specifically geared for abrasive formations, while another is engineered for drilling environments where both abrasion and impact-resistance are required. Quantec Force bits are designed for all applications, including hard, abrasive formations as well as interbedded shales and sands. The cutters on the bit can be changed out depending on the formation requirements. For example, in the Barnett Shale, Travis Peak and other demanding drilling environments, Quantec Force has exhibited improvements in both penetration rates and total footage drilled, as documented in the first 50 runs.

"Quantec Force is the latest result of Baker Hughes' constant and consistent technology development focus aimed at reducing drilling costs," said Mark Freeman, Baker Hughes Diamond Product Manager. "With Quantec Force, operators no longer are required to sacrifice durability for high rate of penetration and vice versa. We see Quantec Force as a definite game changer in PDC bit technology."