Fugro-Jason Offers PowerLog 3.1 Petrophysics Software

Fugro-Jason has released PowerLog® 3.1, the latest version of this well-known petrophysical interpretation software, adding two new interactive modules. PowerLog is the industry standard for Windows®-based petrophysical analysis, dedicated to log data editing, conditioning, analysis and presentation. Fugro-Jason is a leader in reservoir characterization technology for the oil and gas industry.

"These two new additions to PowerLog help petrophysicists further maximize the use of log data and the quality of analysis produced with them," said Joe Jacquot, Strategic Marketing Manager for Fugro-Jason. "PowerLog 3 is on a new development platform that will allow us to rapidly introduce new functionality, with new releases every six to nine months."

The LSSA module provides a graphical view of isotropic and anisotropic thinly-laminated sand-shale sequences. Built for use with Baker's 3DEX™ multi-component induction tool, LSSA partitions formations into sand and shale beds using the Thomas-Stieber model. Using Vsh, porosity, and resistivity plots with overlays, petrophysicists can graphically adjust interpretation parameters for easy visual feedback and QC of analysis results.

Borehole image logs, whether electrical or acoustic, tell a lot about formation bedding planes, fractures, and borehole breakouts. With the new Borehole Image Dip Picker, petrophysicists can easily and interactively pick, save, recall, edit, and share dips from borehole image logs.

PowerLog 3.1 is available beginning November 8, 2009. Contact Fugro-Jason for pricing and further details.