AnTech Completes WICTO Range with New Slip Ring Collector

AnTech has announced the latest addition to its "Everything for Wireline in Coiled Tubing Operations" (WICTO) range with its new Slip Ring Collector.

The "wireline in CT" specialist now offers a comprehensive electrical connection package, from the end of the downhole tool through to where it terminates in the control cabin. This end-to-end solution makes it possible for CT companies to log and perforate on their coil.

Completing the Connection

The electrical Slip Ring Collector device provides electrical continuity between the rotating reel core and the surface data acquisition equipment. This is achieved by fitting it to the axle of a CT or wireline reel. By doing so, it eliminates the rotational aspect of the CT reel, and effectively connects the Collector Bulkhead through the rotating reel core to the data acquisition equipment.

With the 2008 introduction of the Collector Bulkhead and seven-conductor Logging Head, AnTech began offering a Logging Head to suit every customer's CT unit and application; the bulkhead to complete the electrical connection; deployment bars for effective running in hole; and slack management adaptors for wireline control with end-of-CT detection tools. Because today's Slip Ring Collector is available in 4 and 8-way versions, it is compatible with most types of wireline. Plus, its unique design ensures a compact product that is easy to install, while meeting the stringent design criteria that allow it to be used in hazardous areas. The fact that it is ATEX and IECEx-certified means that it is safe to use in Zone 1 explosive atmospheres.

"With the new Slip Ring Collector, our Wireline-CT range for logging and perforating makes it possible for operators to use any kind of wireline, confident in the knowledge that they will be able to create an electrical connection between the Collector Bulkhead and the surface data acquisition equipment, without having to grapple with interference from the rotating reel core," said Tim Mitchell, Product Line Manager - CT Tools for AnTech. "Knowing that all of their Wireline-CT needs can be met with our range of field-proven Wireline-CT equipment is a real benefit, saving time and money," he added.

Wireline in CT Range for Logging and Perforating

AnTech's Wireline in CT Range for Logging and Perforating features:

  • Single and seven-conductor Logging Heads/Cableheads with customer-specified upper and lower connections, shear pin or electrical release and three ODs.
  • Deployment Bars
  • Collector Bulkhead: single or seven-conductor options
  • Slip Ring Collector: four or seven-conductor options.