First Subsea Introduces New Range of Deepwater Mooring Connectors

Subsea mooring specialist, First Subsea Ltd, in a joint developments with Offspring International Ltd, is launching the first of its new range of deepwater mooring connectors at DOT Monaco, November 3-5. The new connectors replace traditional H-link or plate links, making installation simpler and quicker as well as improving the engineering integrity of the fiber rope connections.

Traditional fiber-fiber, fiber-chain and fiber-wire connections have been made with H-links and plate links. These thimble-based, fabricated metal modules are made up on the surface ship as the mooring line is installed. They are large and heavy, difficult to handle modules which can take many hours to complete, and are prone to damage as the link is deployed over the installation ship’s stern roller.

"Our new connectors will revolutionize the deployment of deepwater moorings. They are lighter, stronger and more efficient than current plate links and thimbles," said Brian Green, general manager, First Subsea. "The connectors address the concerns of operators and installation companies over the several hours taken to make-up traditional links. Our connectors take just minutes to make up."

The new mooring connectors will be shown for the first time at DOT Monaco on November 3-5 on the First Subsea booth G327, and Lankhorst Rope Offshore Division booth G331 and 333.