Schlumberger, Chevron Release Next Gen Reservoir Simulation Software

Schlumberger and Chevron Energy Technology Company, a Chevron Corporation subsidiary, announced the release of INTERSECT* next generation reservoir simulation software to enable simulation of large complex reservoirs and highly heterogeneous systems. The technology is the result of extensive research collaboration and a joint development effort between the two companies beginning in 2000.

"INTERSECT was possible only through close cooperation between Chevron and Schlumberger. Both companies have been developing and using simulators for several decades and have accumulated significant knowledge as a result," said Jeff Spath, president, Reservoir Management group, Schlumberger. "This jointly developed product has leveraged the collective expertise of our engineers in managing global oil and gas reservoirs, as well as our leadership and experience in simulator development."

"We have combined Chevron’s leading reservoir modeling and field management capability and our R&D efforts with Schlumberger's experience as a reservoir simulation solution provider," said Michael Allison, general manager, Reservoir Management, Chevron. "By creating key technologies through collaboration, this innovative partnership is delivering next generation technology that could benefit the energy industry."

Going beyond capabilities offered by the current generation of simulators, INTERSECT runs large and heterogeneous models -- simulating tens of millions of cells -- fast. It also accurately models complex geology and wells, honoring detailed reservoir characterizations with minimal or no upscaling. Supporting sophisticated field management, it handles thousands of wells in mature fields, as well as simulating all fluid types and recovery processes in a single simulator. Advanced production controls enable flexible operational field management.

The INTERSECT software will be progressively released. Early adopter customers will work closely with Schlumberger to apply this first commercial release to multiple reservoir challenges. Their experience will be used to further enhance the product for general release.

To provide open extensibility, future releases of INTERSECT will include Ocean* development tools -- enabling oil and gas companies, independent software providers and universities -- to create plug-ins to customize simulation workflows for specific reservoir and recovery challenges.

Schlumberger will continue to develop and support the INTERSECT simulator and the industry-standard ECLIPSE* reservoir simulator. Both simulators use Petrel* Reservoir Engineering as a front end to simulation, integrating the static and dynamic modeling process.