American Exploration Appoints Former Canadian Cabinet Minister to Board

American Exploration has accepted the appointment of Herb Dhaliwal to the Board Of Directors.

Beginning in 1997, Herb Dhaliwal became a Federal cabinet minister appointed by Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. He successively held the portfolios of National Revenue, Fisheries & Oceans and Natural Resources in Ottawa, Canada until 2004.

During his illustrious career he was involved with leadership in numerous Canadian national projects as well as projects abroad. Serving as Natural Resources Minister, Mr. Dhaliwal was involved with large-scale energy projects including the Mackenzie Delta gas pipeline, as well as projects designed to improve existing energy infrastructure. He also spear headed efforts to develop alternative energy sources for North America, which included wind, solar and tidal energy sources.

While serving in the Canadian House of Commons, Mr. Dhaliwal also chaired the Ministerial Section of the United Nations Environment Program (100 countries) and co-chaired with the U.S. Energy Secretary, a bilateral study of the August 2003 North American electrical blackout.

Prior to entering politics, Mr. Dhaliwal's career as a businessman and entrepreneur spanned more than 25 years in the private and public sectors. As an entrepreneur, he held the positions of vice-chair on the Board of Directors for the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority and chair of British Columbia Hydro's Budget and Audit Committees.

Mr. Dhaliwal has the rare distinction of being the first South Asian to hold a Cabinet position anywhere in a Western democracy.