Paradigm Donates Software To Curtin Univ. of W. Australia

Paradigm has made a software donation to one of Australia's major tertiary institutions, Curtin University of Technology. The donation is valued at US $500,000.

This supplements Paradigm's original donation in 2002 of over US$3 million worth of software. Curtin University's Department of Exploration Geophysics now has access to Paradigm's full suite of solutions.

Dr. Brian Evans, Professor of Geophysics, said, "As the main producer of Australia's geophysicists today, the support we receive from leading technological companies is critical in enabling geoscience students to learn with the industry's benchmark solutions, ensuring the future development of the petroleum industry. Paradigm's donation allows us to do that."

Curtin University's Department of Exploration Geophysics is reputed to be the only such department in the world (Geotimes, 1998). Based on enrolled student population (averaging 130-140 in recent years) it is one of the largest academic programs in Exploration Geophysics in the world and produces the majority of the Australian graduates in this field.

A major component of Paradigm's donation package is the industry standard, best-in-class, VoxelGeo(R) volume-based seismic interpretation solution, made available to Curtin University on PC and UNIX. The PC-based system will be used for advanced research into immersive seismic interpretation in the Interactive Virtual Environment Centre (IVEC), a joint research project between Curtin University, CSIRO, UWA and TAFE.

Andy Furniss, Technical Director, Asia Pacific, said, "Paradigm is proud to share its advanced E&P solutions with a prestigious institute like Curtin University. As developers of the most advanced geoscience software in the world, we see our partnership with Curtin University as an ongoing commitment to training future geoscientists through the use of tomorrow's technology today."