Brigham Makes Three Discoveries

Brigham Exploration has made one discovery on the Texas Gulf Coast and two Anadarko Basin discoveries including its eighth successful Springer Bar development well.

Frio Exploration Discovery - Brigham recently completed the Holloway #1 to sales with a test rate of approximately 6.2 MMcf of natural gas, 780 barrels of oil (10.9 MMcfe) per day, or approximately 6.3 MMcfe/d net to Brigham's 58% revenue interest, with a flowing tubing pressure of 5,200 psi. Production facilities are currently being expanded, and subsequently Brigham anticipates producing the well at higher rates. Brigham operated the Holloway #1 with a 75% working interest and has now completed 13 Frio wells in 15 recent attempts.

Brigham is expecting results from two other Frio tests by September. The Company operates and retains working interests of 56% and 50% in these Frio wells. Further, in the next 30 days Brigham plans to operate the drilling of two additional Frio tests. Brigham will retain a 75% working interest in the Trull B #2, and a 50% working interest in the Harrison #1. The Trull B #2 is a shallow bright spot prospect, while the Harrison #1 will test Brigham's Corner Pocket prospect. Results for both of these Frio tests are expected by late October or early November.

Springer Bar Field Development - Brigham participated in the successful completion of its eighth Springer Bar Field well, the Jones #2. Brigham retained a 20% working interest in the Jones #2, which encountered approximately 95 feet of apparent net pay in two Springer intervals at a depth of approximately 15,000 feet. The apparent pay is the thickest encountered in the field to date, and includes 57 feet in the Britt interval and 49 feet in the deeper Boatwright interval. Both zones have provided production from previous wells drilled in the field. Given that the Jones #2 encountered apparent net pay in both intervals, Brigham expects the operator to commingle the Britt and Boatwright intervals, with production to sales expected by early September. Brigham has one additional well drilling in the field, with three additional wells expected to commence in the next 60 days.

Brigham is also completing an apparent Bromide Sand discovery with a 30% working interest. The Palmer #1-13 encountered approximately 70 feet of apparent net pay in three separate Bromide intervals. Depending on the performance of the Palmer #1-13, two additional offsets to the discovery could be drilled. In addition, Brigham anticipates drilling at least one additional well in the area during 2003 to test a similar 3-D delineated structure.

Horseshoe Atoll Trend and Eastern Shelf Reef Discoveries - Brigham recently completed the Culebra #1 to sales at a rate of approximately 150 barrels of oil and 212 Mcf of natural gas day, or 0.5 MMcfe/d net to its 43% revenue interest.

Brigham also participated in the completion to sales of the Mexican 2 Step #1 at an initial rate of approximately 150 barrels per day, or approximately 0.3 MMcfe/d net to Brigham's 29% revenue interest. Although the well is currently curtailed to a production allowable of approximately 102 barrels of oil per day, the operator is applying for an increased allowable of approximately 150 barrels of oil per day. Two offsets are planned for this discovery and Brigham expects to retain a working interest of approximately 40% in the first offset, which should commence in the fourth quarter.

Brigham's current total drilling activity includes four wells currently drilling, with seven additional wells expected to commence within the next 30 days.